Electronic Connectivity & NMS

Today, Network Management Services (NMS) delivers electronic eligibility and financial transaction solutions to the buyers and suppliers of employee benefits. On the front end, our full suite of interactive employee/member self-service information systems distribute pertinent decision information in easy-to-use formats. Behind the scenes, complex integration technologies drive a continuous loop of data across disparate employers and plan networks, supporting eligiblity and financial requirements.

Benefit Buyers

Organizations such as PepsiCo, GE, and Northwest Airlines realize significant reductions in administration costs driven by advanced integration technology. For these clients, enrollment, eligibility, and financial management no longer divert valuable resources. Technically superior data transfer methods eliminate entire layers of administrative costs – the ultimate pricing advantage. BEN-NETTM, our flexible consolidated eligibility and financial database, is the conduit and warehouse for benefits information. Our Internet products serve as high-tech, low-cost alternatives – adding another option to our robust offering of employee self-service vehicles.


Benefits Suppliers

Local and national health plans, including the BlueCross BlueShield Association, leverage transaction technologies to provide seamless and consolidated services to national buyers.

NMS transaction technology provides an unprecedented opportunity for independent health plans – plugging into the advantages of an expanded network without surrendering the autonomy of individual operations. Independent plans receive the benefits of a virtual nationwide network of best practice plans without investing millions of dollars towards system build-out and conversion to compatible system platforms.

For national health plans, NMS data integration and Internet technology provide the architecture supporting unlimited virtual partnerships – now health plans can offer multi-site employers true consolidation and a 100% network match.


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